November 20, 2012

the b family | family photographer

The B family is hard to describe in words.  They are my classmates, teachers, and great friends.  But they are more than that.  They are adventurous, hilarious, and hard working.  Ideas become plans, and plans become actions in this family.  Tanner runs a successful blog, and his dad sponsored my blog this year (link on the side).  Mrs. B has been my history and science teacher over the years.  Hudson has faithfully given me a high-five every Monday and Thursday for two years.

That's why I love photographing people I knew well.  We have stories, and I knew their personalities, their smiles.  It makes the photos much more meaningful.  It was a joy to be able to photograph them...and their dog, Chloe.  So, take a look at their family photos:

Thank you B family for being open to all my ideas and for believing in my photography business!

November 14, 2012

sister portraits on a cold fall day

It was cold and we could see our breaths, but I still wanted to snap some photos before the sun fell completely behind the trees.  I'm addicted to golden hour, guys.  When the sun is just about to fall behind the trees, it leaves everything in our yard glowing, and I instinctively grab my camera.  And this time, my sister was a willing model.  She laughed at my crazy ideas, and my "Andria Lindquist" two-finger technique (second to last photo) she did in this video (which you need to watch if you are a photographer).  Even though we finished with numb fingers and rosy cheeks, these photos were definitely worth it!

November 08, 2012

the j family | family photographer

^one of my favorites!

Meet the J family.  My cousin, her husband, and their two adorable little ones.  Abby asked me to do their family portraits just as I was starting my photography business.  (She believed in me, even then ;)  We did a shoot this summer, and finished it up with some shots while the leaves were still turning.  Aren't they cute?

p.s.  I'm sorry most of my posts have been shoots.  I hope you're not getting bored!  More, "normal" posts are coming soon!