November 20, 2013

one frame | november

Introverts are collectors of thoughts, and solitude is where the collection is curated and rearranged to make sense of the present and future.
-Laurie Helgoe

p.s. I made a Tumblr.

November 13, 2013

J Family | Indiana Family Photographer

When a shoot goes so well that it makes you consider primarily being a family photographer, that's when you know something magical happened.  I love being around this family.  Each of their personalities is so unique, and they are all full of joy and laughter.  They genuinely love each other and they aren't afraid to show it.  I think those things make people much more comfortable around a camera, and make my job so much easier.  So basically, I just love this family a lot, ok?  :)

This was my second family shoot of the day, so I wasn't sure how creative I was going to be.  But God gave us some gorgeous light.  Also, the skyline location in the cornfield?  It was epic.  Sometimes, when I get really excited about light or locations, I say weird things.  "Oh my goshhh you guys!  Stay right there!"  or "Ahhh, this light is so good!"  J family, thanks for putting up with my crazy photographer swooning.  And thank you all for letting me laugh with you (and for laughing at my cheesy jokes).  I loved capturing your family.  You guys and your session were a reminder of why I love photography so much.

November 05, 2013

Tanner | Indiana Senior Photographer

This is Tanner...probably a familiar face to a lot of people.  He and his family have supported me from the beginning - encouraging me in my business and teaching me a lot. (High resolution photos?  What's that?  Thank you, Mr. B, for opening my eyes ;) )  You can see other shoots with them here and here.

Tanner is a great friend.  Who would have thought that when I met him seven years ago, I would take his senior photos and graduate with him (in seven short months!)?  All I have to say is that this kid is going places.  He's a writer and a deep-thinker, a revolutionary.  I used to say that when I got older and saw him speaking on Fox News, I would tell my kids that I knew him.  :)  And while his future plans have changed a little since those dreams of being in politics, I don't doubt that he will travel to great places in this life.  Tanner, it's been awesome growing up with you...only seven months left. ;)

November 01, 2013

Halloween 2013

November 1st makes a good day to go trick-or-treating too, especially when it rains on the last day of October.  So, we got dressed up and went.  And when people asked if I wished I would have dressed up, I just smiled and shook my head.  I had my time, and I have my memories.  That road in the first picture?  I used to live on that road, and even now, I can still remember walking it with a candy-laden bag in my hand.  We do it for the fun and for the memories...and, it's worth it.  (Especially when I started crying when we visited my old house.  Talk about a rush of memories.)  Also, I took pictures...duh.  :)

And a photo of my feet...just to prove that I was there too. :)