February 23, 2012

That Future

There comes a point in life, I think, when the life you have been living isn't one to be satisfied with anymore.  Once a certain age or maturity is reached, it's time for the past way of life to change.  That's something I've been thinking and praying about lately.  How to change my life from a child's to an adult's; a life dependent on other adults to a one where I am the adult.  Oh sure, this doesn't happen overnight, and that's the biggest struggle.
There's so much to learn once you reach these last years of highschool, so many possibilities.  Getting a job.  Planning for college.  Strengthening your relationship with Christ.  Planning a future that will someday define me.   It's scary, really.  There's so much to do, and when combined with the everyday happenings, it can be stressful.  Sometimes, I really just want to give up and live at home forever and not have to think about it again.  

But then again, think about the potential.  If you're a person who loves adventure and new experiences, planning for the future should be fun.  Isn't life like that?  An adventure that we can change with our decisions and our actions.  God knows what the span of our life looks like, but each day is new to us, a reason to get up every morning.  I find that rather exciting...do you?  


February 19, 2012

Little Girl with the Faces

Dear little girl with the many faces, you make me laugh.  And sometimes, you're cuteness is just overwhelming.  You're one of the most expressive three year olds I know.  Oh, don't get me wrong, sometimes, you drive me crazy.  But that last picture is the cute little girl I know.  It's hard to be mad at you for long, even when you whine and cry about the smallest of things.  I just have to remind myself that you're still Ethiopian and so crazy new to all this stuff.  You're English is getting better each day, though.  (And don't tell anyone else, but I think yours is the best out of your brothers and sister.)  Now, I don't want to fool anyone else, because in all honesty, you do need to work on your obedience skills and the fact that you say everything three times, but I still love you lots, sweet girl.  I'm so glad you're my sister.  Love from, your biggest sister.

February 15, 2012

Say Something

Sometimes I wonder why I photograph, why photography is the career I wish to pursue.  Ever since I've owned a camera, I've been taking photos.  I love to capture beauty and people and places and life.  And that's usually what I say if I'm ever asked.  This week, I'm realizing why I love it for a whole new reason.
I'm shy.  Not in an antisocial homeschooled way (I hope), but just shy.  I can talk to individuals quite easily, but when it comes to a large group, my hands start shaking and my face turns red.  I've never been good at it.  Even when I was seven and too scared to ask my ballet teacher where the bathroom was.  (You can guess how that turned out.)  But believe me, I'm really working on getting better at this.  (That whole fear of man thing...)
Maybe that's why I like to photograph and write and read.  My head behind a camera, pencil, or book.  My thoughts are expressed through ways other than my mouth, which seems to be the hardest.  But when I hold a camera or pencil, I feel like a different person.  (And sometimes, one that I never will be.)  I feel like I can do things, accomplish things, change things.  I learned this week that there are other ways to influence people than through speeches and lectures.  Our written words and our photographs - they have potential.  They have potential to teach people something.

So this is for all you quiet people, you shy people, and you reserved.  
But this is also for all you photographers, you writers, you readers.

Embrace those talents God has given you, and instead of wishing to do something you can't, do something you can.  Yes, strive to learn new things, but don't forget about those things you've loved to do your whole life.  Just because your mouth is closed, doesn't mean you aren't saying anything.

February 12, 2012

Weekend Photographs

In case you were wondering, that's a raccoon skin hat.  My brothers like that kind of thing.
My schedule this past week.  It was ridiculously packed.
This past week was one of the busiest I've had in a while.  In fact, it's still busy.  Actually, when is my life never busy?  I don't think it's possible for this house of thirteen to be calm, quiet, and lazy.  Every day this week was full of extensive checklists and government work (more on that later) on top of my every day school work.  It was stressful and crazy - which is why I haven't blogged in five days.

Ever heard of Teen Pact?  That's what I'll be doing this upcoming week, and due to either my stupidity or laziness, I was doing the wrong homework until Thursday.  Thankfully, I'm almost finished.  (So what if it starts tomorrow and I still have half an essay to write?)

This post is a warning to let you know that I might be a little absent this week, although I do have an urge to blog and photograph like a crazy person.  That's what a week of not doing it gets me.  So, there may or may not be posts this week.  You'll just have to see.

+ Upcoming ideas:  FAQ, vlog, recipe, DIY, and photography tutorials. Leave a comment to tell me which one you want to see!

+ If you could, will you please please please help this lovely girl get to Uganda?  We have connected over adoption and it's been wonderful to see her journey with her new adorable sister and her plans for Uganda!

+ Not another link....yes, another link.  If you're interested in winning oh, you know...a camera...you should click here!

Have a wonderful week lovelies!

February 05, 2012

Sunflares and Little Girl Smiles

These could quite possibly be my favorite pictures of her.  They are so real.  This is her - the eye rolls, silly faces, and uncontrollable laughs.  And she manages to throw in the sweet, innocent faces once in a while (hint:  second to last photo).  As strange as this sounds, sometimes, I just stop and look at her when she doesn't know it.  I think of how beautiful she is going to be as a woman, how sweet she is going to be as a mother.  I cannot wait to see the person she becomes in ten years.  She's my photogenic, crazy, full-of-life, spitfire sister.  

February 03, 2012

The 70mm f/10 Challenge

I challenged myself today.  I've been struggling to stay into photography.  It's become too easy to hide my camera in the corner of my room and make excuses about being too busy with school and family (which is true, but still).  Added to that is that I am lacking inspiration at the moment.  So, this afternoon I changed my aperture to a number that makes me cringe (f/10) and went outside.  These are a few of the shots I got.  I'm not completely satisfied, truthfully.  I love to photograph people - that is my passion in photography.  Every person is so unique and I love to capture that.  This challenge was about getting out of my comfort zone a little and trying new things.  It definitely helped!  If you're struggling with the same things, I would totally recommend trying a challenge like this!

p.s. Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my birthday post!  Each one made me smile!
p.p.s.  I have a few posts planned that I am very excited about!  Look for those soon.