August 25, 2013

Tanner & Hannah | couple photographer

Two good friends, an evening with gorgeous light, challenging locations (which equals fun in a weird, photographer way), and a set of couple portraits that I love.

August 02, 2013

july in all it's glory

At the beginning of June, my computer crashed, and with that, the possibility that I could have lost all my photos.  (Because I'm lazy and forgetful and hadn't backed up anything.  Bad idea.  Don't do it.)  It took me a month and a half to finally get a new computer.  (Once again, because I'm's summer ok?)  During that month and a half, I wasn't sure if I would get back some of the photos I took (that I really loved) because I had never exported them from Lightroom.  So to make a very long and crazy story short, I did get those photos back, I did get a new computer, and I'm finally blogging.

It's a beautiful thing how a month can change a person's outlook on art.  How something I took for granted became so precious.  Every shot mattered.  I slowed way down, used my camera more as a tool to observe than a tool to capture.  And when I saw what I wanted, I clicked the shutter.  And I realized too, that I need to take more frame-worthy photos, and if that means the typical "look at me and smile" shot, then so be it.  Because that smile is so worth remembering, that place and that time and that moment that means so much now, will mean even more later.

So, these photos are some of my favorites from the month of July.  I lost my presets when I re-downloaded Lightroom.  I'm having trouble finding the edit I want again (which is both good and bad), so these probably look a little different than my previous work.  I have more posts coming of some recent work, and I'm excited to share it with you!  :)  Also, that last picture.  You're welcome.