February 04, 2014

my three best friends let me photograph them

Most people we come across tell us we're lucky.  We think we've been brought together by a God who knew how much we would need each other.  It's not very often that four girls can become (and stay) best friends.  But it's been three years and we're still going strong.  And though college is approaching quickly, we're determined to stay strong for the rest of our lives.

This is us:
We're called the Core4.  Four girls turned best friends who, despite differences, were brought together through our similarities.  Different styles.  Different families.  Different passions.  Different dreams.  And yet, when it's just three of us, we feel incomplete.  When it's just two, we hardly know what to do with ourselves.  We bonded over three hour classes and twenty minute lunches, but these soon turned into weekend sleepovers and mornings over coffee (and frappuccino) cups.  In the span of five minutes we can go from talking about our deepest dreams to laughing about past memories and recent jokes.  When advice is needed it is given from three different perspectives, which is almost always better than one.  When encouragement is sought, there are three different pairs of arms to hug.  We sing together and cook together.  Achievements are celebrated, life is enjoyed, futures are discussed.  Our interests range from history to art, but we share a passion for people, each in our own way.  Some days we are counselors, some days we are listeners.  Some days we laugh hard, some days we talk deep.  We know how much we need each other and so we refuse to be anything less than best friends.