May 21, 2014

may fifth

Earlier this year, I was craving interaction with photographers.  I was watching girls go to retreats and reminiscing on my time almost three years ago (!!!) with Jessica Shae.  Indiana cannot compare to the Seattle, Portland, and Nashvilles of the photography world.  Finding ever-growing and passionate photographers to network with can be difficult.

Along came Delight.  Delight wasn't new to me, but I had never spent much time reading about it or interacting in the community.  WHY did I do that?  I'm not sure, but one day on the way to South Carolina, I saw that I had been added to the Indiana Delight+Be Facebook page.  As I scrolled through it, I got excited.  There are actually young Indiana photographers who are passionate about photography too!  And they are excellent at what they do!  Well, it didn't take long until the wonderful Emily (who turns out I had met before, but my shy, freshman self didn't interact with...) posted about a spontaneous meet-up.

The details fell into place so crazy fast.  Natalia drove down and met me in the craziness of a school day (sorry you kind of got thrown into my went like this: "Hi!!  So nice to meet you!  Here's all my family and all my close friends in one place - not trying to overwhelm you!)

After dinner and a time of getting to know each other (by the way, if you have never watched photographers who have never met before connect, it is one of the coolest things.  strangers to (almost) best friends in the blink of an eye.), we explored the Indianapolis Art Museum, which was looking gorgeous in the spring that finally decided to come.

I left feeling content and happy, knowing I had made art with new friends.  And they are friends - Alora, Sarah, Emily, and Natalia.  Photographers need that time to create without the pressure of producing perfect images, to talk about business and styles and inspiration.  It was good.  And it will most definitely happen again someday. :)

(The alternate title of this post could be: Oh hey, look!  I blogged the night before I graduate.  How does that even happen?)