March 24, 2014

Megan | Indiana Senior Photographer

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March 02, 2014

The Photography of Olivia G. turned Endless Invitation

Some of you might have noticed that my blog was private this past week.  And by now, you've probably noticed the new name and design!  Sorry I didn't give you any warning, but when I redesign, I make a mess.  I promise, you didn't want to see that mess.  But now!  Now this blog feels fresh (my old design was almost three years old) and my business feels matured.  I've been moving toward separating my photography business from my personal blog for quite a long time, but I (of course) waited until I was busy with school to work on it.
But now, this little space of mine is called Endless Invitation.  If you read the quote on the side, you'll see where that name came from.  This quote inspires me.  Not only to be a "mover, maker, and shaker" in my art, but also in my faith.  The world is an endless invitation not only in art but also for Christ.  I want to be both and do both.
As for this space, it's future is completely unknown and unpredictable.  I only have three months left of highschool (ahh!) and after that?  I don't know.

I'm committed to a school here in Indiana as a Photography and English major.  And let me tell you, making that decision was hard.  As in crying, fighting, praying, confusing hard.  It has taken a semester and a half for me to feel confident in making that decision, but I know the Lord wants me there.  On the days when I think "But...I could just start my business now.  I could travel!  I could make money from sessions!", He gently reminds me of just how much I still need to learn.  And as the brilliant Lydia Jane said to me in an email:

"My advice to you would be to throw yourself into college completely. Make friends with people who are different from you, join some clubs, wander around campus and people watch! I'm not lying when I say I miss something about college every day. It's a beautiful mixing bowl of so many different kids of humans, ones who love Jesus, ones who hate him, ones who are open to thinking about him for the first time. I learned to care for so many more people I would never had met in my Christian high school. I was able to talk with them and learn more about their lifestyles, ask them questions about what they thought of Christianity, and then go back to working on a project together. All of these interactions will help you understand and care about your future clients. Sticking yourself out there in class will help you be brave while shooting a wedding. Having deadlines and exams will help you be responsible with your clients later. Taking risks during assignments in school (where the worst case scenario is getting an 'F') will help you take risks during a wedding or a photo shoot."

Does this mean I'll stop blogging personal work?  No!  I'm going to be a photography major...I will most definitely have work to share with you. :)  But this past year, I have learned and seen that blogging is not as important to me as it used to be.  I get the sense that it's not as important to a lot of the blogging community anymore - probably because a lot of us are getting older - but I also hope because we're trying to deepen the relationships we have with the people we can touch and hear and see right where we are.  Is that just me or are there others of you who feel this way?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The Photography of Olivia G. does not have an official website/blog yet, but I'm hoping to have one soon and will share that with you when the times comes!  And though I sound very cheerful and hopeful in this post, don't expect a post of recent work soon.  It's cold and the ground has snow on it again and this summer girl is currently tired of trying to be creative. ;)  But, I do hope to post at least once or twice in the month of March.  Thanks for sticking by me and for wanting to follow along with my little life.