June 25, 2014

Light Story Workshop 2014

Let me introduce you this awesome couple:
Evy and Tim are photographers based in Indiana, but shoot weddings all across the Midwest and beyond.
I had been interested in attending their Light Story Workshop because I knew it was close to home + I'm always up for meeting and learning from other photographers!
But as I looked at the dates of the workshop, I knew that it would be a stretch for me to get there because of work and the preparations for my open house.  
But amazingly, the details worked out!  
The workshop got pushed to one day, which just so happened to be on my day off.
So, I drove down to Brown County - about a two hour drive through some of the prettiest country in Indiana.
It was so, so good.  I don't think I could write down everything I gained.
Evy and Tim were so thorough in the way they taught, so encouraging with their advice.  And through it all, they were very honest and realistic, in the best way possible.
I couldn't help laughing as Evy compared the "hipster" style that is so popular right now to the classic and traditional photography that has risen above all the trends.
That in itself was encouraging, because more and more I've seen my work lean that way and I'm learning to like that and even desire that.  (Though I'm still not sure where my style fits yet...and does it really need to fit anywhere?)
Katie and I took photos of each other and got to know each other a little bit. 
Unlike me, she has some wedding experience under her belt and I loved hearing her advice and insight.
You should see my (teal - Evy's signature color) journal!  It's filled with notes!
Evy went through an entire wedding day in full detail.  You can tell from her tips, tricks, and advice that she truly knows what she's doing and truly enjoys the challenge that is wedding photography.
I've attended other workshops in the past, but wedding photography seemed so distant at the time.  Now, though I haven't shot my own wedding yet, it seems much more of a possibility than before.
The whole workshop was the final push I felt I needed to get me ready for that possibility.
Watching these two work together was another highlight.  They hardly have to say a word - Tim knows when he needs to use reflector and when he doesn't.  Evy steps back to let Tim capture some film with his array of cameras.  Watching them work was fun. :)
Evy - thank you for being so sincere and honest and helpful and funny and ready for questions + for letting the two of us follow you around at the shoot.
Tim - thank you for teaching us about video and for letting me try my hand at film.
Your workshop was one of the best highlights of my summer!

I'll share their couple portraits and the bridal session portraits soon!

June 18, 2014

Carmel, Indiana Portrait Photography: mackenzie kate

she may be young, but she's passionate.
about photography.
about fun.
about life.
I've loved the past few months I've gotten to spend with her - 
getting to know each other and learning from each other about photography.
Young Indiana photographers rock.
(And if you fall into that category, email me [oliviagphoto(at)gmail(dot)com] about a small workshop/manual basics/modeling session I'm having in July!)