June 18, 2014

Carmel, Indiana Portrait Photography: mackenzie kate

she may be young, but she's passionate.
about photography.
about fun.
about life.
I've loved the past few months I've gotten to spend with her - 
getting to know each other and learning from each other about photography.
Young Indiana photographers rock.
(And if you fall into that category, email me [oliviagphoto(at)gmail(dot)com] about a small workshop/manual basics/modeling session I'm having in July!)


  1. Man I wish I was an Indy photog..you guys are cool. And she is pretty much freaking gorgeous!! Love these..and miss you.

    come visit Iowa. ;)

  2. she's adorable.! I like the green door.

  3. These are so pretty! love that neon wall. :)

  4. Oh dear. Those are stunning. Every single one of them (although I must say that the last one just blew me away). The rich greens are absolute perfection, and her outfit is so simply beautiful.

  5. I love these, you're really good! you get the best angles of each person, and the edits are wonderful

    I want to post pictures on my blog, but I'm just learning how!


  6. i'm totally obsessed with that neon door! she's absolutely stunning, and your work is gorgeous, as always.