October 28, 2013

one frame | october

"I hear your voice in all the world's noise."
Paul Eluard

October 14, 2013

slowing down

I know it's true; that slowing down life is better than constantly going.  But the actual doing it - that's harder than the knowing.  I have less than a year to spend as much time in this place and with these people as possible.  And the only way I've learned how to do that is slow down and take it all in.  My sisters and I went on a hike on the first day of Fall Break, and it was good to do something other than school.  With senior year classes and the fall busyness of photography, there hasn't been much time to slow down.  But the rest of October holds some (crazy awesome!) exciting things, and I intend to enjoy all of it to the fullest.  And as a photographer, the best way for me to remember and enjoy moments is to take photos of them, so there will be much more to come!  

October 09, 2013

Anna | Indiana Senior Photographer

Oh this girl...she is wise beyond her years with an honest humor that people are drawn to.  It's the perfect combination, giving her a character that is so real and genuine.  She's definitely no girly-girl.  She spends her summers in Haiti, often traveling by herself.  And right before this shoot, she changed the oil in her car with her dad.  But seriously, look how gorgeous she is!

This shoot was full of glowing evening light and all that Indiana landscapes have to offer.  I couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  There was suffering involved too.  We both got bad poison ivy from laying in the grass.  :)  It was so completely worth it though.  I love this girl and this shoot.  Thankful she chose me to take her photos!