November 01, 2011

welcome November

i woke up today, and because of my extensive to-do list, the first of november slipped my mind.
my parents leave in four days for ethiopia to meet The Four.  (read this post to learn more.)
halloween, cleaning, school, remodeling, and more cleaning have been fit into about four days.
life's busy...but oh so good.
here's a glimpse into the past few days.
happy november!

t h e  c h e e t a h 

 m o r n i n g  l i g h t - - S O O C

f r o s t y  m o r n i n g

 l e t ' s  g e t  c a n d y !

l e a v e s - - a l l  f r o s t y  a n d  s p a r k l i n g

 m o r e  l e a v e s

t r i c k  o r  t r e a t 

 p a i n t

new design? eeh.  i don't know yet.  what do you think?
update:  i went back to the old design.  i'm going to work on a new one later!  :)


  1. i. love. your. photos. seriously. also, i love your new header! :))
    -jocee <3

  2. these photos are to die for :)

  3. love your header, and these pictures are AMAZING. Great shots! G is adorable, love the whiskers! :)

  4. wonderfully frosty photographs :) and I'm so excited for your family, adopting from Africa!
    And the new header? Love. But I would change the background to either white or a redish pattern of some kind.
    giveaway on my blog!

  5. I love the design, but I'm still getting used to it! It's very unique and I LOVE that red!

  6. I love each of these moments - so beautifully captured.

  7. I do like this design! It's very similar to francescas...have you seen hers?
    your siblings are so cute and I love them frosty leaves.
    so excited for your family. prayers from my home to yours!

  8. Love these pictures!!!! Especially the frosty leaves!!!!! i also love the new header!

  9. Your little sister is sooooo cute!!! Love these pictures :)

  10. your pictures are GORGEOUS! and that little Cheetah is absolutely precious! :)

  11. these photos are absolutely gorgeous - the SOOC shot is astonishing!

  12. The morning light and the frosty grass shots are AH. MAZ. ING. :)

  13. I absolutely love that frosty leaves!

  14. blog design = wonderful. though, i think i would use a font that isn't so think and dense as your current one -- maybe a cursive one? :)
    And as for your pictures? They're absolutely gorgeous.

  15. i love the paint and morning light!