December 10, 2011

b&w christmas shots + life

I don't want to continue my complaints of how the Four aren't home, etc. etc.  Christmas just doesn't seem as normal as past holidays...for a good reason.  Truthfully, the Four are all I want for Christmas.  Currently, I'm being pulled in either direction by Time Moves Too Fast and Time Doesn't Go Fast Enough.  You probably know what I mean.  Let's move on.

Life lately:
+singing with my baby sister
+reading while sitting in front of the fire
+reading in general
+finals (ew.)
+dying of laughter at one in the morning with my bestie
+listening to Ingrid Michaelson
+painting and preparing
+making Christmas gifts (I haven't even gotten to the wrapping part yet.)
+sending really really late birthday presents (sorry, girlie.)
+wearing tie-dye ones at that
+sweaters & boots
+neglecting photography (good or bad?)
oh hey!  :)  the end.


  1. i have pink tie-dye socks :)

  2. I love these shots! the bokeh is amazing :) haha i haven't even started wrapping gifts yet either! ;)

  3. love this! especially the "laughing at 1 o'clock with a bestie"! that totally rocks! and you're gorgeous!


  4. ok. I love Christmas bokeh. And it happens to be everywhere in this blogging world. it.
    love that picture of you!

  5. Oh hello there beautiful!

    And I SO understand this post. yup, life is fast and slow all at the same time!!

    Cannot wait to see the four HOME!!!

  6. Love the pictures! I know what you mean about "neglecting photography." I am so guilty. ;)

  7. ingrid m. is amazing. and so are tye-dye socks. pink ones, at that ;)
    -jocee <3

  8. Beautiful photos!! Have a Merry Christmas!

  9. I have pink tie-dye socks too! :D

    I really want to see The Four home too. That would be the sweetest thing ever for you guys. It seriously warms my heart just thinking about it. <3

  10. I love everything that comes with the Christmas season. I love spending so much time with my family, and of couse sitting in front of the fireplace.

    I can't wait till the Four are home!!! (and I love the last picture cause you are so pretty!!)

    God Bless you,
    Lauren Anne

  11. The bokeh in your pictures is just too incredible!!

  12. Beautiful photos! And pink socks sound amazing :)