November 28, 2011

And the First Tree Goes Up

We do Christmas trees a little different in our house.  For many years my mom has collected glass ornaments that are now hard to find in stores.  Read:  They break really easily.  The kids don't get to help with that tree very much.  But we also put the "kid tree" upstairs where we can see it every morning when we wake up.  As years have passed, ornaments from grandparents, handmade mangers with baby Jesus, and frames with baby faces have collected in the boxes and get hung by the kids.  Those have been some of my favorite memories - unwrapping each ornament and finding the perfect place to hang it on a branch.  This year, though, I was content to stand back and snap pictures, helping occasionally when a little one couldn't reach their perfect spot.  Of course, the time wasn't without its arguments, but it was fun.  Memories were made, and the feeling that Christmas truly is right around the corner has fully set in.

November 25, 2011

giving thanks



It was good.  And peaceful.  It was just us - all nine of us - around the table.  We visited with family later over dessert.  Like I said, it was good.  I have so so much to be thankful for.  But something...or someone...or some people...were missing.  The Christmas season will be complete if The Four make it home in time.

But what about you?  Did you have a good Thanksgiving?

November 17, 2011

The Four. Forever Ours.

Sometimes, God works in ways I can't even describe.

That was my chat status on the 14th of November  That was the day I became an older sister again...and a girl with ten siblings.

Thank you so much for your emails and comments expressing your prayer for our family.  I am immensely grateful.  For each and every one of you.  

Most of you probably know that my parents were in Ethiopia last week for our court date for our adoption.  Due to a mix up with our agency, we found out that the actual court date wasn't until the 21st of November, but the court was working hard to pass us.  It was emotional for us back in the US because we didn't know what was going on or what had gone wrong.  Then, Tuesday morning came.  I came downstairs to little children screaming and laughing and my mom having a little dance party in the kitchen.  "We passed court."  No way.  No way, God.  You did not just do that.  But, He did.  He always does.  

I love the way God works.  Mixes things up to test your trust, your faith.  He definitely tested mine, saying I still have to wait.  More days.  More time before these kids can become family.  When you pass court, the children you are adopting become legally yours.  It's so much more than that.  They were already a part of our it's forever.  So, I introduce to you The Four.  Forever ours.  

My talented mom made this video.

Thank you again, sweet blogging friends.  

November 08, 2011

thankfulness abounding

 I awake and the red sunlight filters through the autumn trees, lighting my room with happiness.  My feet hit the floor and carry me to the bathroom, where a Bible verse taped to the window glows with morning sun.  I hear the little girl's noises from the other side of the door and I smile.  These are the times - the times when I want to be thankful.  There's much bigger things to worry about today, but still I can notice the little things.  Still I want to be grateful for the everday.  Overwhelmed with the small and thankful for the big.  So today, I am thankful for...

>>Skype and the ability to talk to my parents
>>Safe arrivals and successful first meetings
>>Leaves and the piles we made at my grandparents
>>Dinner out with family
>>My new Shine necklace
>>Clean bedrooms
>>Ethiopia photos from my mom

>>Dear friends who bring so much comfort
>>Little boy whistling in the grass 
>>Hearing a favorite song
>>Calculators - where would my math grade be without them?
>>A silent room to contemplate and pray
>>Photographs of my siblings in Ethiopia
>>Beautiful bloggy friends and their inspiring posts
>>Touch of finger to shutter
>>An updated and final blog design
>>Braids and little girl bows
>>T-shirts in November

What are you thankful for sweet friends?

November 05, 2011

weekend photo dump









Do you have a favorite?

p.s. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my last post.  It means so much!

November 04, 2011


My parents and sisters leave tomorrow and Sunday to meet The Four.  (Remember the adoption post?)  The Four, that's what I've come to call them, at least in the blog world.  I am praying though, that soon, you will see their faces just as you see the faces of my other siblings.  My parents will go to the Ethiopian court, and, with prayer and grace from God, The Four will become ours.  The house is littered (literally) with clothes and supplies and gifts.  All donations.  All given by generous people.  It is so beautiful to see what God is doing.

Believe me, there will be many more adoption posts coming.  It has been the main thing on my mind lately, and I have some posts planned.

For now, I ask for your prayers.  For safety, peace, strength, courage.  For love and acceptance.  For generosity and the word "yes".  They would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

If you would like to stay updated during this upcoming week, you can go to my mom's blog here.  She will be posting from Ethiopia.

Thank you lovely followers.  I am so blessed to call you my friends!

November 01, 2011

welcome November

i woke up today, and because of my extensive to-do list, the first of november slipped my mind.
my parents leave in four days for ethiopia to meet The Four.  (read this post to learn more.)
halloween, cleaning, school, remodeling, and more cleaning have been fit into about four days.
life's busy...but oh so good.
here's a glimpse into the past few days.
happy november!

t h e  c h e e t a h 

 m o r n i n g  l i g h t - - S O O C

f r o s t y  m o r n i n g

 l e t ' s  g e t  c a n d y !

l e a v e s - - a l l  f r o s t y  a n d  s p a r k l i n g

 m o r e  l e a v e s

t r i c k  o r  t r e a t 

 p a i n t

new design? eeh.  i don't know yet.  what do you think?
update:  i went back to the old design.  i'm going to work on a new one later!  :)