October 06, 2012

autumn things + some ramblings

autumn things
hay bales and bonfires
candy corn
rainy afternoons
first fire in the fireplace
looking forward to fall break
colored skinny jeans
blanket wrapped and socked feet mornings
fall photo shoots
football games
hot soup and fresh bread
sweaters and hats

Fall is here...just in case you didn't know.  I like it.  And even though I've been too busy to enjoy it yet, documenting the change in photos is on my to-do list.  

Life is good.  God is good.  This dream of photography is steadily becoming a reality.  And I am learning to be content in life, to give Him my dreams and plans.

You might have noticed that I haven't been posting as often.  Junior year is hard, guys.  School is keeping my busy.  So is photography.  I have five upcoming jobs, and I couldn't be more excited!  Know that I haven't forgotten you.  I'm still here!  I'll be posting more regularly from now on.  


  1. wonderful photography! The lighting is beautiful. I hope your photography shots go well! Will we see some pictures from them?!?

  2. love the picture of the pine.. I can relate to how busy school may be keeping you! fall is here and i'm loving it! :)

  3. Fall here is almost turning into winter it seems, with brief bits of snow, but I love it all the same. :) So excited for you with your shoots, girlie! You'll do amazing. I miss you (and miss hearing from you!) :(

  4. DITTO. seriously, my junior year is the same. except i have three jobs. but whatever.
    i seriously love this way too much. it's so beautiful. the colours are spectacular.

  5. I love these pictures and you :).

  6. I can't wait to see the upcoming pictures you're taking! :) These ones are amazing!

  7. the colors here are exquisite. beautiful work, as per usual. xo

  8. Gorgeous colours in all of these, Olivia! :) This year has been absolutely crazy for me as well, but that's exciting about the upcoming 5 jobs! :)

  9. Beautiful photos Livvie. Missing you...

  10. I did a post quite similar to this recently, but I love yours too! Autumn makes me so happy and I love looking forward to all of these things and more this season!

  11. Yes! Autumn is here! Apple cider and pumpkin chocolate chip bread, cinnamon rolls and autumn smells, homemade doughnuts and trips to the river, hunting and baking, jumping into piles of leaves and bonfires, country swing dances and a bath right before bed. These are the best things about autumn!

  12. Olivia,
    So happy that you're able to take a moment to recognize those things that bring you pleasure, and also that your passion is finding a spot in your schedule! How exciting!!! Enjoy those photography jobs :-) They are what will add meaning and substance and maybe even take a bit of pressure off of all the schooling and such.
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend a bit!

  13. We miss you around here Olivia! So glad that your coming back!

  14. With five jobs, I'm amazed that you find time to blog at all.

    I love the autumnal simplicity of these shots, and I agree to 100% of the items on your list.

  15. Your photos are so lovely, Olivia. Love your photography. So excited for your jobs! :))

    I feel like I haven't been able to rightly enjoy fall yet either. I've been really busy. I'm hoping that will change and I will slow down a bit. Love that you're keeping perspective and trusting God. He is good.



  16. 2 & 4 = LOVE. ♥

    FALL IS HERE. squeaaal.

  17. these picture are lovely:) love autumn!

  18. umm, I love your blog posts. and I seriously miss you. :) can't wait to see your amazing shoots (bc of course they will be!). i've been loving the fall too...one of the best seasons EVER. xo.

  19. Ohhhh I looooooooooove these! You are very talented!! Following!