October 29, 2012

jordan | senior photographer

My cousin, Jordan, is graduating this year, and I can't believe it.  I can remember when he and his family moved back to the town our moms grew up in, the place where I lived as well.  We didn't know each other very well then, but I can remember times playing with him and his brothers during big family Christmas parties or reunions.  And now he's a senior, graduating early, and going to college next fall.  Time goes by way too fast.

Thanks, Jordan, for letting me take these!  It was so good to see you again and talk about college, jobs, and school.  I had a lot of fun!

October 26, 2012

we went on a walk

We went on a walk - just her and I. Bundled in hats and coats, and wearing our boots, we walked down the driveway together.  She was singing Home by Philip Phillips, and I was snapping photos.  An almost-November wind made our eyes water and our noses turn red, but we kept walking.  Our hands began, slowly, to numb, so when I turned around, she had her fists balled in her sleeves, her face buried in her jacket.  I walked backward, watching her step on every fallen leaf she passed.  And she would look up at me every once in a while, to make sure I was still looking, still taking pictures.  I was.  So she smiled and posed and laughed.  I laughed too...with this little baby sister of mine.  I like taking walks with her.

October 23, 2012

the o family | family photographer

This is the O family - a family I absolutely love. They are some of my greatest friends. We've made so many memories, some of which include sledding, blueberry picking, and Latin class. I had the privilege of photographing them, and, as you will see, we laughed a lot. They played in the leaves, tickled each other, and made silly faces. They are so fun.

Aren't they cute? Thank you so much O family, for letting me take your photos. I had so much fun!