December 11, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I'm blogging these photos mostly because the temperature isn't supposed to rise above 20 degrees this week.  I miss warmth and sand and ocean and tanned skin already, and it's only the beginning of December.

This April, we traveled to South Carolina for spring break.  I've been to Hilton Head Island since I was a baby, but this was the first time we went as a family of thirteen.  The Four saw the ocean for the first time, and we got to introduce them to all our favorite traditions.  (Honestly, that was the best part.)  We spent ten amazing days - swimming, relaxing, and playing.  We also did a little exploring around Savannah, Georgia.  It is one of my favorite cities!  (I tried to convince my mom that I should go to the art school there, but it didn't work :P)

My brain is in finals mode, so I'm going to let these photos tell you more my words can right now.


  1. your family = the best! I love all these photos, they are making me excited for summer ;) I'm glad you decided to blog them!

  2. just love capture photos in such a unique way.
    also, your Mom is so cool-love that shot of her. :)
    [well actually your whole family is super cool, but you already know that, obviously] ;)
    super cute.

  3. Beautiful photos. And this post was perfect because, yes, it is freezing outside. :)

  4. Don't you just love the Carolinas? These are wonderful and make me smile seeing one of my home states being enjoyed!

  5. oh these are great! i love this last photo... so cool. ps your sister is a mini you! ;) x