January 19, 2014

Sunday Brunch

After five more inches of snow and a broken plow, we couldn't get out of the driveway for church.  So we put together an impromptu brunch: fresh eggs, crunchy bread, spicy sausage.  The atmosphere of the kitchen was almost overwhelming to me and I started to think (as I have been lately) of when I won't be waking up to this.  There is chatter and laughter from multiple rooms, and little boys shoveling snow outside.  And those sounds mixed with the sizzle of cooking food creates a music that I could record and listen to over and over when I am lonely.  And so even on the most imperfect of days, these moments will still be remembered as some of my favorite.


  1. Such a sweet post Olivia. :) And that last photo is so adorable.

  2. well jeepers thanks for making me tear up. "music I could record and listen to over and over.." #largefamilykidsunite
    these are the best of times.

  3. these are so precious! the last two are my favorites.

  4. the last photo is simply adorable. you capture life brilliantly. xx

  5. love these captures of raw life. And that last photo is absolutely perfect. :)



  6. Sounds like such a precious time.
    The last picture just steals my heart; so cute!