December 15, 2010

On the Adoption of Her Siblings - A Poem

A few months ago, I wrote a poem for school.  My family is adopting from Ethiopia next year.  That's what this poem is about.  It's called "On the Adoption of Her Siblings".  The pictures here are not my siblings, just pictures from my trip to Ethiopia.  (It may sound a little weird.  I had to write it in old English!)

Thou who has no proof at all
Your slanderings make you seem so small.
How canst thou hold his tiny hand,
Yet never see nor understand?
He was not born of your fine race,
But still you say without any grace
“Why, O why, is this child here?
Why have they taken him with no fear?”
He comes from a place where they are poor,
But this family, for him, has opened the door.
So, please, thou skeptic, turn away,
Or thank God for your every day.
For the time may come when you are lost
And someone might step in to carry your cross


  1. That's so amazing. It blew me away. Thank you so much for posting this!
    God Bless,

  2. Hello!

    I just found your blog and found it interesting that you had a label for both Ethiopia and adoption!! Has your family adopted yet? I have two siblings (a brother and sister) which my family adopted from Ethiopia. :)

    In Christ,
    Miss Shiloh