December 18, 2010

Precious Moments

Moments I would not trade for the world...

I have six siblings.  To some people, that's a lot, but for me it's a good number.  Because we have always (for the most part) been homeschooled, we are very close.  Very close.  Sometimes in a good way...and sometimes in a bad way.  But no matter what, there are so many precious moments I would not trade anything for...

1.  Attempting to eat an ice cream cone while your eighteen month old sister dips her french fries in it.  Then, continuing to eat it even after she double, triple, and quadruple dips.

2.  Driving on the highway with just me and my mom.  In my family, life moves so fast, it can be hard to just slow down and talk about life.  My mom and I have the best conversations when we are driving on the highway!

3.  Sharing a room.  I personally love sharing a room with my sisters.  We get to talk at night, scare each other in the dark, act like crazy people, etc. etc.  We are constantly begging my mom for my baby sister to move into our room.  Girls, try it for one night if you have a sister.  Talk about things.  Ask her questions.  It will be one of the best things you could ever do for her.  I promise.  Now, my sisters cannot fall asleep until I'm in the room.  I get mad when they say that, but really I am glad that they miss me and love me that much.

4.  All seven children wrestling and tackling my dad.  Enough said.

5.  Spelling tests.  This is one of the subjects where all of us help each other.  Do not come to our house around eleven in the morning on Friday.  We go crazy.  My brother says the words in an English accent and makes up sentences that crack me up.  For example:  "Prejudice.  (In English accent) Pride comes before prejudice."  My sister accuse each other of not saying the word correctly.  "You said 'cookie' not 'cookies'.  You messed me up."  Spelling tests.  They're pretty fun around here.

I'll do one more that has to do with Christmas.

6.  Promising my sisters that I will wake them up on Christmas morning before I go down.  I always promise, but I never do what they want me to do.  You see, I have this tradition where I wake up very early.  I always wake up - I don't even turn my alarm on.  (My mom wishes I did that on school days!)  Then, I walk down the stairs with my eyes closed and then look at the tree.  I sit there for a few minutes and take it all in.  THEN I go and wake up the siblings.  I'm a bad older sister.  I know.

What are some of your "precious moments"?

p.s.  Did you enjoy the "Thursday Devotional"?

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  1. How wonderful to have such a close family - makes me want to have a large family myself. Also makes me wish that I was that close to my siblings. Have a wonderful Christmas!