May 15, 2011

blog party - pretty in purple

pretty on PURPLE blog party!

I've decided to enter this - there are some great prizes!  :)

Favorite thing about summer?  No school!  I can be outside, read any book I want, and have tons of free time to do the things I don't have time for during the school year. Plus, this year, I might get a job.  That's good - right?  :)

Twilight fan?  No, not at all.

Favorite quote?  "To lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time."  Sir John Lubbock

Best thing that ever happened to you?  I accepted Jesus.

Think of every place in the world possible...which of those places would you go to?  If I could, I would go everywhere!  But, my top picks would be England, France, and Ethiopia!  :)

Favorite food?  I don't really have a favorite.  I'm not a picky eater.  I really like watermelon, corn, and burgers in the summer though!

What type of music do you listen to?  Mainly Christian.  Sometimes I listen to Taylor Swift.  :)

Flipflops, bare feet, heels, or flats?  Barefeet!

Skirts or jeans?  Jeans.  I like both, but wear jeans way more often.

Fresh or saltwater?  We go to a clean lake in the summer, and I personally, like it better than the ocean. 

Skittles or M&M's?  Skittles!

Are you a morning person or more of a night person?  I'm both - if that's possible.  I love to stay up late, but I can't sleep past 10 am even if I want to.  

So, your best friend is talking to a new girl in school...the new girl asks who you are...what do you think your best friend says?  First, I'm homeschooled.  Second, I hope my friend says something true.  :)

Gotta tic?  You know, biting your nails, scrunching your nose, etc.?  I pop my knuckles a lot.  I'm trying to stop though!

Pen or pencil?  Pens.

Paper or plastic?  Can I say both?  It doesn't matter to me!  :)

There you go!  Hope you learned a little about me.  Head over to My Mismatched Life and enter! 


  1. I really like that quote! Hoping the weather warms up soon...and STAYS warm!

  2. Hi! On my blog I'm going to be publishing guest posts once a month. I would love to have you enter one of your posts. If you're interested, the form is on my sidebar and I would be happy to answer any questions!