October 23, 2011

these people

>>these people make my heart happy

It's been an eventful weekend.  I spent the day with a wonderful friend and her sisters yesterday.  Now, today, my family is celebrating my dad's birthday.  We saw Courageous (which is really good), and are about to sit down to some fried chicken and ice cream cake.  I love birthdays.

Even with all the stress of school, and the disappointment of no fall break, life has been good.  Good in a challenging, strengthening way.  And that's the best way, I think.

I have so many posts swirling through my head currently.  I promise I'll write them all down and share them this week.  (Hint:  a new lens review, a possible link up, etc.)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

p.s. 201 followers?  You guys rock!  I love you all.


  1. beautiful pictures! I love them all :)

  2. these pictures are all stunning! the bokeh in the second one - what even?
    can't wait for more posts :)

  3. Siblings... you can't have enough. They make your life complete (other than God of course...)

  4. you & your people make me and mine happy, too. :-)

  5. Your siblings are adorable! Really. I don't know why I just did, but I just went through your blog and read all your "family" posts.
    I especially loved this post, because I know exactly what it's like. Being in a "big" family is amazing, and I love it. And I think I'm going to borrow that post sometime.

  6. last photo: beautiful :))
    -jocee <3

  7. Lovely photos, m'dear. Ohh, and I've heard such good things about Courageous, but I haven't seen it yet.
    I love all the downtime (and food) that comes with birthdays. (:

  8. your family is so cute, olivia! I love little G. :) She is just sooooo cute. Happy birthday to your dad!

    Courageous is amazing isn't it? The song Emily loves and dances to is now on repeat on my iPod. I think I almost cry every time. It's such an awesome movie. i think I cried like the whole thing but whatever! :)

  9. ps. i don't get a fall break either.


  10. I love all those photos! :) Beautiful!

  11. Happy birthday to your dad! I got to see "Courageous" yesterday. Love it! Wonderful photos! :)


  12. every single one of these photos is gorgeous! I especially love the one third from the top.