October 17, 2011

pondering on life

like a piece of glass, suddenly shattered,
swept up and forgotten.  in a blink.  so fast.
is that life?  or is it more?

we went camping this weekend.  without the distractions of technology or schedules, the hours passed in laughter, play, and conversation.  and when the weekend was over, and sunday night arrived, along with the shocking death of such a young dreamer, i was so thankful, so blessed, for the weekend i had.

it makes me think about my life.  am i living as i have been called?  am i living for the moment, the temporary, or the eternal, the ultimate?

that's why i try to share with you these struggles and these joys.  you and so many other keep me accountable.  your words and comments bring me so much hope.  it's like a little note of encouragement is slipped in my hand every time you write beautiful blog posts and write lovely comments.  thank you for that.  from deep in my heart.

there is so much more that i could say and tell you how i feel, but i want to know: what about you?  what do you live for?  tell me!

p.s.  Only three days left to enter the self-portrait contest!


  1. beautiful post olivia! love your pictures. :)

  2. Very thought provoking post! Just what I needed. Thank you, Olivia.

  3. beautiful post and pictures! I hope everything is alright with you!

  4. love the depth of field on that flower!

  5. i live for the little moments that make me smile. when someone lets me know they are there. when the sun's rays peek out from behind a cloud. when i know there's something a little more to life than just getting through it, we have to enjoy it and smell the roses.
    this might not be along the lines of your post, but i was just thinking this...

  6. Really great post, Olivia! It got me thinking. :) Lovely pictures also!

  7. In answer to your question, I live for my God and for my family. There are many more things that I love to do, but that isn't the same as living for something.
    Love your post, great photos!

  8. i live for more days quite like the ones you described and to share the hope that even makes those days worth living.
    beautiful write, Olivia, and it was good to be with you and yours over the weekend.

  9. Beautiful post!!! It has given me peace to look for the little things in life to satisfy me, and to be happy with those things!

  10. i love the picture of the flower