January 18, 2012

Figure it Out

(Sometimes, I write posts like this.  I just have to get it out of my system.)

Some things I've been pondering on:

1  Why I'm the only one in my family of thirteen who doesn't like iced tea.  I've tried it.  Several times.  But I just don't like it.

2  How to fold the sheets with the tight band around them.  Know what I mean?  It looks like a wad when I get done with it.

3  What to do for my sixteenth birthday party.  Kiley told me that a party is imperative.  Now I just need to do something about it.

4  Why, every time we go somewhere, my family walks in a row like little ducks following their parents.  It happens, without fail.  Especially in church.

5  What the people at CVS think when they hear who's calling.  Again.  (We've been sick.)

6  How it can be so cold and still not snow.  I'm a snow + cold kind of girl.  Not cold + sunshine.

7  Ways to get out of the house, even for a little bit.  I have gracious friends.  :)  But in all seriousness, I feel like I've been living in my house for too long.  Is that ironic?

8  How many loads of laundry I've folded over a two day period.  I don't even want to know.  It's probably some ridiculous number.  It feels like 200.

The end.

Got anything you've been trying to figure out?  I'd really love to know.  :)


  1. I am a list-making kind of girl. I totally do this. :) Wow - thirteen! That's amazing girl!

  2. #2 and #6 = YES. those darn sheets just look like dirty laundry again whenever I try to fold them. and the weather! it's driving me crazy!
    I always thought I would have some big party for my sweet sixteen, but I ended up with a little sleepover/pizza & movie night with a few friends, and it was so much fun! just pick something that sounds nice to you, I guess.
    loved this post :)

  3. Im wondering why it decided to snow like crazy in january but not on Christmas??? or why there has to be drama in the world like family/friend drama??? But i know how you feel about not knowing how to fold theat kind of sheets! Maybe one day we will know the answer to all of life's questions!

    In Christ

  4. love this :D oh, and have you ever tried the Canadian iced tea? the stuff that has sugar in it? when I go to the states I always forget that the iced tea is sugarless and cringe every time I taste it! so strange ;)

  5. I'm still trying to figure out #6 too . . . We haven't had snow all this winter and fall. If it's not snowing, then it should be 80 degrees outside. :)


  6. So many questions I've been trying to figure out, and don't worry I don't like ice tea either...nor do I have much snow :(

  7. I'm with you on the snow bit. It's freezing. No snow. The two things just don't add up. They don't even belong in a SENTENCE together. Snowless in winter. *Shudder*

  8. I feel like you just described half my life haha :)

  9. This will all seam normal after a while.
    16th birthday? Well that's special! AND you'll have even more guests than you expected! Ideas, ideas :) Look online. Lotsa help :o)
    slumber partay, go somewhere (bowling, dinner with friends etc.?) also if you want, chose your favourite thing and make it a theme for the day/night. Take photos, HAVE A PHOTO SHOOT WITH YOUR FRIENDS OR GUESTS FROM THE PARTAY. Make it your own :) Hope this helped! I am thinking about becoming a teenager soon too! We both have milestone b-days comin' up!! WHOOT WHOOT!

    Glad you lived through this red carpet comment {my name for really long ones} :)
    Love and blessings,


  10. P.s. i TOTALLY agree on not being a cold+sunshine girl. Warmth+sunshine? DING! Cold+no snow? AHKN! Please snow come! I mean really. If it's cold, it's gotta snow. Warm? Bring on Spring and sun :)

  11. Totally with ya on number 6! It must snow or I shall not acknowledge the presense of winter ;)

  12. I still don't know how or why we have to fold fitted sheets :)


  13. Cold and snow is a definite must! I only have eight siblings, and we all walk like ducks when we go anywhere, too. It makes it seem like there's a lot more people than there really are! And we like to laugh at the people who are obviously counting us. :P

  14. I've been trying to figure out what I want to do for my next blog design. And I got $35 bucks for Christmas and it disappeared. I'm NOT careless with money, I have no clue what happened.
    Number 4? I laughed at loud. And of course, people just stare. Haha, my friend, who has six siblings, was talking about the same thing. I've had a lady literally point her fingers and count all the kids in the car as her husband maintained the same speed as my dad. On interstate. Seriously, people?
    Number 2? I watched a video about a year ago from YouTube (of course!) on how to do it, and I practiced, and I can say that I do know how to fold those sheets. lol.
    Yes, long comment. :)