January 04, 2012


Christmas break does wonderful things to a person.  There is time to read new books, take longs walks, pray, relax.  I love to curl up in a cozy chair with a book, simultaneously reading and listening to the activities around the house.  (And lately, there's been a lot of activity.)  Voices in both English and Amharic fill every corner of this well-loved house.  

I admit, at points, those voices have not been happy ones; rather, ones of screams and cries.  Slowly, though, I am seeing my prayers answered.  The littlest Ethiopian princess laid down for her nap and bedtime without screaming for the first time.  The Four are picking up English, some faster than others, but picking it up all the same.  That's the hardest part - the language barrier.  

On another note, I ended my 365 project.  Too much stress and a lack of inspiration were threatening to reach up and drown me.  (Or something like that.)  As soon as I stopped counting the days, I felt free.  A rush of creativity has hit me.  Some photos I've taken recently: 
Yes, Christmas break is good.  Definitely good.  In my case, I have the month of January to finish finals and shadow a photographer and relax and refocus.  My teachers call it a J-term, I call it wonderful.  A wonderful time to release the stress that has built up and refocus on the things that matter the most.  


  1. the second to last one. lovely post :))
    -jocee <3

  2. your photography is amazing! it's like... it drips with light.
    shadowing a photographer sounds like lots of fun! :)

  3. ahh,these photos are so beautiful!!!! woah,that would be so amazing to shadow a photographer :) So happy for you! :D

  4. Lovely photos. I am praying for you and the four -- may the Lord remove that language barrier as swiftly as possible.

    p.s. do any of you know their language?

  5. @Jessica - Some of us know more than others, but we know the essentials plus a few extra words. We're learning! :)

  6. Love your pictures!:D



  7. Really beautiful pictures! I'm loving those sun spots and how much color they add to the photo. Your so good Olivia.

    xx, Annie Rose.

  8. Wonderful photos as always!

    I will be praying for you and the four. :)

  9. lovely photos. :) sometimes too many goals can make you feel even more stressed. i'm glad your family is doing a little better.

  10. Beautiful pictures, dear! Praying the language barrier won't be a problem for much longer.

  11. I LOVE those photos, especially the first one of the cat.

  12. im glad things are improving! :) and I love the pictures! keep doing what you're doing! :)