April 22, 2012

a weekend letter to myself

+my future is still on the horizon
+be real
+stop trying to think it all through
+perfectionism cannot be reached
+true love waits
+inspiration isn't everything
+tomorrow never comes

Dear sixteen year old Olivia - Stop worrying about your future.  Why is it necessary to have your life planned out as a sophomore?  A lot can happen in two years - remember that.  Those girls who have college plans and career plans right now...you don't have to be like them.  Don't be terrified of your future.  It's in better hands.  And love?  Stop thinking about it.  This time is special.  Why waste it by boy-chasing?  Your significant other, "him", "the boy" - whatever you want to call him - he's out there, but he's not ready and neither are you.  

You know how you've been thinking about inspiration?  Well, it isn't everything.  Life is inspirational.  Live it.  Watch it.  It passes so quickly, how can it not be inspirational?  Every day should be an inspiration to you.  To go along with that, remember that tomorrow will never come.  Stop pushing things off.  Go take in that job application, kiss your sisters and brothers more, keep saving money for that car, call your friends.  It's worth it.  

Finally, be real.  Have integrity.  Don't be afraid to talk to people - pour into them.  Random acts of kindness should be remembered.  Laugh more.  Stop being so sarcastic.  Stop worrying about what people will think when you state your opinion.  Just live.


  1. This dear Olivia, this is inspiring. What a wonderful letter that we all need to remind ourselves of. I love this, and it will be set as my wallpaper as a reminder.<3

  2. this is beautiful, amazing, encouraging, and i love it. i think i will bookmark this post. :)


  3. This is so beautifully perfect and so very true. We are definitely on the same boat! :)

  4. i think you should write to your sixteen-year-old self more often :-)
    good words. strong words. words with a purpose. love it.
    i have a book for you and your mom to read. i think you'll love it.
    if nothing else. . . it'll get your mind off the boys, lol!
    and believe me when i say, there's no way he's ready for you yet. no. way. so you're smart to give him the time he needs, too, to mature into the man God wants him to be.
    love you lots.

  5. Really great idea for all us of ladies. Even for myself, at 25, i'm still learning to just LIVE. Goals are important, but sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to go above and beyond when really... we need to just live in the present and BE. :)

  6. may i just say YES? yes yes yes yes yes. you just summed up what i've been telling myself for the past week. so thank you. and thank the Lord that someone gets me!

  7. oh.my.goodness.
    I love this!
    your're right 'boy-chasing' is wasteful and there is inspiration all around me..thank you so much :)

  8. thank you for this, olivia - this is exactly what i've been worrying about recently, especially about college and love. i'm definitely bookmarking this post of yours :)


  9. Aww. My beautiful Livvie. These words are so true and encouraging.
    Hey, I'll be praying for you! :)

  10. Thank you soo much for sharing this, Olivia. It is all soo true and we all need to be reminded of it.


    p.s. I love the focus in your last photo!

  11. Mrs. WalpoleApril 24, 2012

    Dear Olivia,
    I love your words! Keep them close to your heart as you do the Word of God. He knows your life story...He is writing it...just keep listening to Him. Even at 41 this is a letter I could write to myself about what my purpose is..yet the same is true for so many women no matter our age. Laugh more, record the gifts which is His love to you, stop worrying about what others think, Have integrity and most of all Strive to PLEASE HIM and overflow joy to those around you. Have a blessed day beautifully, honored 16 year old Olivia.

  12. i love this post,Olivia! All your post are always so inspiring! :)

  13. Great post Olivia! And I love that picture of you, so beautiful. We just always have to remember that we have no control of our lives, God has everything planned,and we just have to wait and see what he has in store for us! I will be praying!

  14. Hi, Olivia! Ive never commented on here before. I came across your blog just a little while ago. I love this post! Sums up a lot of what I'm struggling through too. God bless

  15. You're so gorgeous!! I am a new follower of yours and I love your blog and photos! <3 care to stop by my blog and perhaps follow? :)