April 04, 2012

Project 147

I've successfully kept the secret of this project!  After a month and a half of praying and planning with some truly inspiring girls, we are excited to launch Project 147 today!  My thoughts on the project:

When I read a number like 147 million, I honestly cannot comprehend its size.  Not many people can, I suppose.  We're not claiming that we can either.  But we do know this: one hundred forty seven million is a huge number, and it's because we know this that we've started Project 147.  We know we don't have all the answers, but if we could somehow, in some way lower that incomprehensible number, than this project is worth it.  All the work and prayers and money will have a purpose.  We know there's only so much five girls can do, but if we can do something, why not do this?  

I like to talk about adoption and orphans - and how those two things have changed my life drastically.  These four other girls and I have had talks about adoption, and we've all had some experience with it as well.  We've never met, but we're connected through this passion of ours, and I'm so excited to see where this project goes!

Project 147's website
Natalia, Emma, Caitlin, and Talia - I'm so excited about this, as you probably already know.  I'm blessed by you and your desires to run with this project and change lives.  

Please, if you would like to, go check out Project 147's website and read around for a while!

p.s.  Notice the new design?  


  1. this. is. awesome. yes.
    -jocee <3

  2. I am so proud of you and so excited for you and so blessed to call you my friend. You are going places and I love that.

  3. how cool -- i just read about this over at natalia's blog =D it's a great thing you guys are doing.

  4. I've commented on about 3 other blogs already saying how awesome this is, but dude, this is awesome.

  5. This is so neat! And, yes, I did notice the new blog design.

  6. i'm really proud of you, Olivia. proud of you for taking your passions and doing something about them. not allowing the despair to drag you down, but letting it fuel you into taking action.
    praying for God to exponentially bless your words and the information you share as you help others fulfill their call to care for the orphan.

  7. this is wonderful. you're going to find yourself with a sponsor soon. and i'll be buying from that Pendant shop. good for you for taking initiative. i can't agree more with hannah; you are going places, olivia!

  8. that is so cool!! and i love the new design :)

  9. I am so happy for you, Olivia! You are becoming a voice for the voiceless and I am proud of you!