November 01, 2013

Halloween 2013

November 1st makes a good day to go trick-or-treating too, especially when it rains on the last day of October.  So, we got dressed up and went.  And when people asked if I wished I would have dressed up, I just smiled and shook my head.  I had my time, and I have my memories.  That road in the first picture?  I used to live on that road, and even now, I can still remember walking it with a candy-laden bag in my hand.  We do it for the fun and for the memories...and, it's worth it.  (Especially when I started crying when we visited my old house.  Talk about a rush of memories.)  Also, I took pictures...duh.  :)

And a photo of my feet...just to prove that I was there too. :)


  1. this is the best post i've seen/read all week. your photos are magical, brimming with raw emotion and bundles of beautiful memories. i love this, olivia! love it to bits.


  2. these are absolutely beautiful, Olivia. so raw, and full of life, and memories; i always love your posts, and pictures, and these are some of my favorites. memories are some of the most special things to gather, because they can't fade, or be blown away by the winds of life. :) love your siblings outfits, and the picture of your feet is lovely. love the leaves.


  3. awesome frames. you photograph things in such a neat way...and I love the classic feet photo...I take those ALLL the time. :P

  4. love love love love love. :)) i miss all your crazy siblings! Everyone looks so cute/handsome in their costumes. These photos are fab!

  5. Having such a big, wonderful family must be crazy on Halloween. My favourite shot is that of your little sister holding hands and sharing a secret.