November 05, 2013

Tanner | Indiana Senior Photographer

This is Tanner...probably a familiar face to a lot of people.  He and his family have supported me from the beginning - encouraging me in my business and teaching me a lot. (High resolution photos?  What's that?  Thank you, Mr. B, for opening my eyes ;) )  You can see other shoots with them here and here.

Tanner is a great friend.  Who would have thought that when I met him seven years ago, I would take his senior photos and graduate with him (in seven short months!)?  All I have to say is that this kid is going places.  He's a writer and a deep-thinker, a revolutionary.  I used to say that when I got older and saw him speaking on Fox News, I would tell my kids that I knew him.  :)  And while his future plans have changed a little since those dreams of being in politics, I don't doubt that he will travel to great places in this life.  Tanner, it's been awesome growing up with you...only seven months left. ;)


  1. these are absolutely fabulous Olivia! :)

  2. so awesome and dramatic! great work, Olivia!

  3. awh these are great. getting to capture friends is always such a joy. lovely job, dear!