June 14, 2011

the play-doh kind of day

 Even though this was a while ago, I'm still posting about it!  :)  I love the pictures too much.

I've been striving to pay more attention to my siblings the past few weeks.  I don't care if it means getting dirty, or looking immature, or feeling stupid.  I do it any way.  I've rolled down hills, made pay-doh creations, and pushed them on swings for hours. 

It's actually pretty fun.

Take for instance, the day when I did play-doh.  Just me and my two brothers.  The entire table was covered with tools, and bits of colorful dough.  They didn't care.  And I chose to ignore it. 

They informed me of every detail of Star Wars I.  They showed me the absolutely right way to make a certain creation.  They asked me questions and more questions. 

But, when all was said and done, they wouldn't do the play-doh unless I was in the room.  And that made me happy.  I'm glad that they want me around, that they want to talk to me and tell me things.  After that day, I have started to play with them more often, listen to them more often.  Yes.  I like these play-doh kind of days!


  1. it's funny because I was just reading what you had wrote for the interview so far and you were saying you liked plah-doh then I came over here and read this! :) cute pictures. the first one is really cool, and love the last one of your brother. :)

  2. @ Kiley - I know. I realized I talked about it here and your blog! :) I don't like it THAT much, but I like to take pictures of it! ;)

  3. Neat!

    my sister and i have few moments that we're not driving each other insane and getting mad.

    but then there are days where we don't fight and we're together all day!

    my older sister works, and my younger sister is 5 years younger than me.

    and then of course there are the kids at preschool who have become very much a part of my life!

  4. A perfect summer day! Great shots, love the last one best.