June 22, 2011

why i photograph: a guest post by Kiley

Hi. My name is Kiley and I blog over at Click and Capture. I am a teenage girl with a huge heart for Jesus. I've loved photography since about a year ago, when I bought my first SLR. Ever since I've been a little snap crazy....I'm also very sarcastic. ;) I love every second of this life but can't wait to be with my Jesus. I love my friends and family, they bring more joy to my life. Oh, and I'm kind of new to this blogging thing. But it is awesome.

Photography has really taught me some things. Like to cherish moments, and don't take advantage of them.
I know it sounds weird, but I never noticed how beautiful the world was until I started photographing things.
God gave us this life to enjoy, and teach others about him before we live eternally with him in an even more beautiful place. ♥
Photography is what I love to do. It is my creative side, my "sport", my "hobby."
It is what I LOVE.
I love to capture little moments that may be forgotten at some point. 
When I'm older, I want to look back and remember the beautiful live I lived with my family and friends. 
And that, is why I photograph.


  1. Beautiful photos! I just learned some lighting skills of my own. You've got real talent!


  2. Beautiful words as well as beautiful pictures. Well done! :)

  3. awesome post Kiley! :)

  4. Wonderful guest post. I love all those pictures!:)

  5. I love Kiley, her photography, and her blog. She's one of my closest internet friends! :) She's a great person! Love her!! :)

  6. AnonymousJune 23, 2011

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  8. One of my favorite things about photography is how when I look at a picture I took a while back I remember everything about that day. And you're right. You do have a greater appreciation for the little things.

    Amazing Photos!,


  9. thanks again for letting me post this, Olivia! love ya girlie!