August 18, 2011

the art of tubing

Oh for a telephoto lens to capture these moments a little bit better!  

There's a way to tube...and then, there's a way to tube.  If you're brave, you'll let my dad take you tubing, and you'll have the time of your life!  :)  But first, here are the rules:

1.  Start relaxed.  Stretch a little bit and talk to each other.  It's always good to not pay attention to the driver.

2.  You can do this too - if you're cool like that.

3.  Always stop and admire the clouds that look significantly like popcorn.

4.  Don't be a meanie-head and spray your little brother.  He's only six for goodness sake.

5.  Oh, and maybe it would be good if you tried not to pound him with your tube.  People can get hurt.

6.  Please, oh please, try to hold on!

7.  When you're about to fall off...

8.'s best to just let go!

p.s. It's my wonderful friend Shelby's birthday today!  Go wish her a happy birthday!  :)


  1. Looks like so much fun . . .

  2. Love this, and great pictures! :]

  3. Haha looks like so much fun :) It might take me a little while to trust your dad, though... ;)

  4. Wow Olivia!!! That looks like soooo much fun!!! I might have to try it sometime!!!

  5. aw man, another thing to add to my bucket list!!

  6. Wow! That looks like fun. :) I have never been tubing before.