August 14, 2011

musings of miscellany

School starts soon.  Actually, it starts in six four days.  I'm excited, but also a bit sad.  I'm ready to learn new things and have a schedule again, but I would love to have justa few more weeks of these wonderful summer days.

The weather has been glorious. Finally, the skies opened up - just for a short while - and watered the desperate ground. Since that rain, the temps have dropped from ninety to a welcomed seventy five. It feels like spring again - in the middle of August. The windows have been open, and the air smells fresh. 

I know - I've been gone for a while.  My family spent the weekend at the lake (internet-free!) with some of our wonderful friends (and my best friend)!  It was a perfect ending to a great summer.  There was good food, swimming and tubing, a few scrapes and bruises, and lots of laughs.  We spent Friday night sitting around the campfire, reminiscing about our childhood and the crazy things we did, and dreamed of what we want to be "when we grow up"/

I admit that I've complained about how boring the summer has been.  When I started to answer every "What are you doing today?" with " I really don't know", I got a little scared!  But now I realize that those were the best days.  No school work to worry about, no stress over deadlines, and zero things on the calendar.  Those were our summer days in one sentence.

This week, I'm pulling out the binders and dividers and organizing them to my heart's content.  I'm packing the pens into my pencil case and and somehow, I'll find a way to fit everything into my backpack.  I am homeschooled, but this year is a little different.  Two days at my co-op with old and new friends.  To say the least, I'm excited.

This summer went quickly, don't you think?

So, lovely friends, how are you spending your last days and/or weeks before school begins?


  1. wonderful post olivia! i'm so very sad that school is starting up again..summer just sped by! at least i don't start for a few more weeks..but i do have schedule day this week..and that's when we have to bring all of our school supplies in. it's not going to be fun..but i'll get over it. i'm not doing really much in these last few weeks of summer..volleyball is starting up again, and i have a program at school that i do called WEB. so i will be at school in these next two weeks..but not actually "doing" school. i go to a public school in case you couldn't already tell.

    well that was a long comment.. :]

    anyways..happy last days of summer!

    in Christ,

    Ali :]

  2. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend!!! My weekend sounds a lot like that!!! Haha! I had so much fun with you! I am getting excited for school too!!!

  3. School started today for me. I feel the same way I crave schedules and organization but Summer never lasts long enough.

  4. Love this post, Olivia! I'm not doing too much before school starts. Just enjoying the last few days. :]

  5. that last picture is beautiful!! and the summer definitely went by quick =)