August 03, 2011

some updates...

A few updates for you lovelies...

a new blog button.  You can find my new blog button on the sidebar!

sponsor page.  Yep.  I finally caved.  I've set up a sponsor page.  Check it out!

a month of posts.  Do you follow my blog for girls, Sealed for Redemption?  Well, in my opinion, you need to!  :)  Anyway, I am doing a month of posts on a range of topics.  You can click on the button below.

Well, that's it!  Let me know if you put the button on your blog, and be sure to email me if you are interested in sponsoring!

p.s. Guestposted here today.


  1. I love the new button and the header! so cute!

  2. I added your button. :) Cute new design!


  3. I put your button on my blog! ;]

  4. I love your button, did you use the white button i sent you? it looks like it. it's so cute, and i might be interested in sponsoring! :]