August 19, 2011

friday favorites - end of summer happiness

They sit quietly on my shelf, waiting.
Waiting for the right time to begin their journey.
Slowly, so slowly you don't even realize it, they begin to open.
And remind us of new beginnings.

Not necessarily considered a beautiful food,
but it can still look yummy when you take pictures of it.
In amazing window light.

this girl.
Who still loves to cuddle, still lays her head on my shoulder.
Please, baby girl, don't ever grow up.

early morning light.
The mornings are my favorite time of day,
when the sun is just beginning its daily trek across the sky.
It's rays pour through only a select number of windows
so it can come and dance on the hardwood floors.

mason jars.
They make perfect subjects, sitting still for as long as I need them to.
And - unlike my siblings - you don't complain when I've made you pose for too long.
For that, I thank you!

my mom's camera phone.
Which takes amazing pictures.
Of the sunglasses that I loved but didn't buy at Target.

I could spend hours take pictures of flowers.
And I'm a poet and didn't know it.

friday favorite things | finding joy


  1. So many beautiful shots - love the window.

  2. PIZZA!! MORNING LIGHT!! MASON JARS!! FLOWERS!!! I'm hungry now. *sigh* Great photos :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. Great post Olivia!!! beautiful pictures!

  4. Pretty photos. I have those glasses, too :)

  5. I love your early morning light shot! It's absolutely gorgeous. :)

  6. really great pictures! that morning shot is amazing. love the jars and the glasses too. that camera phone does take great pics!

  7. I love these, Olivia! Those sunglassed look like the same pair i have from forever 21, for $3! You should try to find them there! :) love little G. {don't want to say her name on here.}

  8. Love that window photo and the pizza pictures lighting. So beautiful. Your little sister face is priceless! That's the way I feel about my little sis too! Just stay the same!
    I could spend hours taking pictures of flowers too... One of favorite subjects!
    They are always picture perfect. always.
    Loved your last line:)

  9. The pizza looks DEVINE!!

  10. Great pictures! I love the one of the sunglasses at Target. Before I read your words I was thinking "that's a Target cart!" Okay, confession, I might just really like Target. :)

    Thanks for linking up.