September 09, 2011

friday favorites - summer reminiscings

September came and took the summer with it.  With the flip of the calendar page, the cool weather arrived.  There wasn't any gentle cooling or that wonderful stuff.  Nope.  It was goodbye ninety degrees, hello sixty degrees.  It's been wonderful except for the lack of sunshine.  Not exactly the best way to start the school year, but it makes the summer memories seem so wonderful.

This is a little letter to my family, my siblings.  This summer I was reminded that this was one of my last years spent with family - no job yet, no worries over schools, etc.  It was a sad, but good reminder for me.

remember blueberry picking and eating fresh fruit on the porch?

remember swimming for hours and learning to do flips, complete with back smacks and chickening out?

do you remember that apple cider slushie, little girl?  i hope you do.  you looked so cute while you enjoyed it.

remember, mom, the canning, the picking, the weeding, the sweating?  you said it would be worth it.  you were right.

remember our silly faces?  our laughing until we almost fell off the bed?  remember how you said i couldn't post this?  well, i did.

remember that one night, outside in the dark?  looking at the stars?  we thought it would last for a long time...until we scared each other and ran inside.

remember growth, in so many different ways?

remember the summer evenings with friends and good food?  that was the best weekend at the lake.

remember friends, and more laughing, and learning?  and pictures and hugs and the fair?

remember us, now?  just a few months ago?  all of us, together, in one picture.  this is how i want to remember us.  together, happy.  i don't want that to ever change.  for any of you.

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  1. Aww! SO sweet! Your siblings, especially the one enjoying the slushie, are adorable. :)

  2. Yes, I remember it all... and am going to miss summer. With the new season, we'll just have to make new memories and "remember" them... always.

    I remember...
    Kianna Rose

  3. This is so sweet, Olivia!
    I feel the same way!
    Six siblings? I have that amount too:)

  4. such a bitter-sweet post.. more sweet than bitter though ;) love love LOVE that picture of you and your siblings! you have such a beautiful family :)

  5. aww, this made me smile. Your family is too stinking adorable.

    We need to skype this weekend! Tonight, if your around we should!

  6. Your siblings are adorable! Love that picture.. :]

  7. beautiful post, Olivia! it was a great summer to remember. . . and i'm very sad it's gone!
    sweet pics. . . and i can't believe how blonde your baby sister is looking. quite a different look for your family :-)
    hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Lovely post :) Thanks so much for sharing.

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  10. This is beautiful. I love all your reminiscing, and the pictures are gorgeous, too. :)

  11. I found your blog from Kiley at Click and Capture Photography, and I like it! I really like the picture of the 3 of you. Hahaha