September 01, 2011

oh you know, just life

.01  School might have started, but summer is still here, displayed in all its 98 degree glory.  Popsicles come out and any kind of shade is welcomed.  While I get to sit inside surrounded by History, Algebra II and Chemistry, my siblings are still enjoying their last week of freedom.  It's not fair ya'll.  (Yes, I did just say ya'll.  And, yes, I do know that life is not fair.)

.02  Summer might still be here, but I am so ready for fall.  Sweatshirts, fleece blankets, hayrides, all that good stuff.  I've missed it.  I never thought I would say that since I've been gushing about summer for a while now.  

.03  Want to be a September sponsor?  Well, guess what?  The first three people to email me will get advertising for free!   Thanks everyone - you replied quickly!  You can advertise your blog, shop, etc.  After that, the rates have been lowered, and anyone is welcome to be a sponsor!  

.05  You guys rock.  169 followers?  Thank you so much for following this little blog of mine! 


  1. I love the last picture, it's so pretty! I took one like that in Duluth. :) Ha, and that is not fair at all that you had to start before your siblings!!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I would e-mail you to sponsor, but my blog is private! Is that a problem, because i would really like to!! it is 8:22 pm Sept. 1 2o11 so i can be one of the 3 if you don't get this early enough.


  3. Meghan,

    It would be better if your blog was public. Sorry!


  4. I love that last picture! And i emailed you :)

  5. That's okay :)
    I will continue to read your blog posts and comment. You are a fantastic writer :)

    Have a good night!
    Meghan <><

  6. that first picture is SO precious! aweh what a sweetie :) ..and that last picture is awesome too :)

  7. You aren't the only one who has siblings starting later ;)

  8. Such beautiful pictures! Love your blog.

  9. love the last pic- you're awesome by the way.