September 30, 2011

today's faves

the new blog design.  what do you think?  i spent about three hours on it, and i must say it's ones of my favorites.

my mom's house plans.  my mom has been busy getting the house ready to accommodate four new bodies.  

signs of fall.  today is windy and cold - a great way to start the month of October in my opinion

taking pictures of leaves.  what can i say?  they're photogenic!

a full and restful upcoming weekend.  maybe a little shopping too?  i haven't shopped for clothes since the beginning of August.

stop motion.  should i make a video about how to do it?   a few of you asked.  i'm loving stop motion at the moment.  especially kiley's lovely video.  :)

baby toes.  life without this girl wouldn't be complete.  :)

october sponsors.  want to sponsor rise & fly for the month of october?  check out the rates here.  then email me if you are interested!

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  1. this was an absolutely *a-mahhzing* post!! really, it was just great.
    and i think you should totally do a video on how to make stop motion. i want to do it myself :))
    -jocee <3

  2. Love this post!! :) I really love the new design!! Great pictures! :)

  3. I love your new design! great job! see! you didn't need my help for ideas. :) I love the exciting.

  4. great pictures!! I especially love the leaves, so pretty. stopping by from finding joy :)

  5. love all these:)
    your new design = lovely. very pretty. it's like a combination of Kiley's and Gracie's.
    I cant' wait to hear more about your new family members. tis so exciting! <3
    ps. stop motion? please.

  6. LOVE the new design! It's so cool! I love the pictures of the leaves! That second one looks like it's some type of collage or something. I like it. :)

  7. Cute design! :)
    love the pictures!

  8. LOVE your design! :-) i think you maintained simplicity and yet added some color, which i really appreciate. me next???
    great job all the way around. and all in spite of school :-) hope it's not dragging you down too much. hang in there!!!
    love ya!

  9. love the new design! those baby toes are perfectly scrumptious!

  10. Love the leaf pictures!!

    and the baby toes :)

  11. Olivia - congratulations on the wonderful court date news!! What an incredible journey for your entire family. You will be so missed this year in ET. Emme keeps telling me it just wont be the same without Olivia!!! Love your gorgeous photos - keep up the great work! love, Karen wistrom

  12. I have a thing for house plans :)) love your photography!
    ~Simi (giveaway!)

  13. I love this post and the new design.

    All of your photographs are lovely.

  14. Love the photo of leaves! It looks so lovely and creative.

  15. congrats on your new blog layout. It does look nice - very clean and simple. If you wouldn't mind giving me your opinion on the blog layout at my newest project The Bartering Blogger - I'm a bit stuck on the design, it looks TOO minimal to me. Do you have any thoughts?