March 06, 2011

blogger break

Dear lovely readers,

Due to a eight-to-three week long class this week (was that redundant?) I will be taking a blogging break.  I decided that this will help me get more rest, focus on my family, and finish some schoolwork.  Besides the class, I am working on a blog design, so I have to get that done as well.  I will return next Saturday or Sunday.  Next week, there will also be a photography challenge!  Have a wonderful, blessed week!

"You don't believe I'll come back to blogging.  Well, you better think again!"  :)
(Sorry for that.  I was having fun!)

Me and my friend
People say we look alike. 


  1. Wow! You girls could sure do look alike! Have a good break! :)

  2. i hope your blogging breaks leads you to some creative photos. have a good little break.

  3. I thought you guys were sisters, you could almost be like twins because you look so much alike! :)


  4. Hey Olivia, do you want to be sisters? Cause it sure wouldn't bother me! Love you Sis!