March 02, 2011

what do you want to be?

What do I want to be?
This question has been in my mind the past few days.
"What do I want to be when I grow up?"
Photograhy.  That word is always present.  Photography is a passion, but is it meant to be more than that?
Is photography what I want to do when I am older?  Can I start doing it now?
But then, I think, there are so many photographers out there.  So many other things I could do.
The question is: what else could I do?
Right now, I can't thing of anything else I would rather be doing.
Writing is an interest, but do I want to do that for the rest of my life?
What does God have in store for me?
What does He want me to be?
If I have been blessed to buy a camera, get a few photography jobs, and have a photo blog, is this what He wants me to do?
These thoughts.  I can't find an answer to them.
There are so many photographers, so many writers, so many bloggers. 
How will I make a name for myself?
I am reminded of my trip to Ethiopia.
One of our translators said,
"It is my belief that you should be the best in your career, the top of your class, the best at what you do."
How can I do that if there are so many photographers?
What else could I do?
I don't know what my career would be if I was not a photographer.
Is this what God has called me to be, or is there something else He is preparing me for?


  1. This is a great post! :) A lot to think about. By the way, I like your camera strap cover! ;)

  2. These are some great thoughts... You would be wonderful at whatever you choose to do! Love you friend!

  3. I've been thinking and pondering about this too, lately. It comes down to trusting that God has his plan and that I'll figure it out eventually!

  4. Thank you everyone! Allie - I LOVE my camera strap. Thanks again! :)

  5. Wow, this is so similar to my own musings lately that it almost could have come out of my mouth! I guess we just have to be patient and know that God will reveal His calling in due time. :)


  6. If being a photographer makes you happy and alive, then that's what you're meant to be :)

    Btw, I'm your latest follower from the Boost My Blog Friday. I'd be happy if you can follow back for more mutual blog visits :)