March 06, 2011

spinning barefoot {or wishing to}

The weather has been teasing us.  It was warm just a few weeks ago.  We were wearing t-shirts!

Then, it rained and rained.  Maybe - finally - we'll be able to work outside in the garden.  Maybe we'll be able to actually go outside and not wear a coat.  Maybe?  Yes?

After all the rain, came the snow.  And though there isn't any ground covering, it made you feel like it was winter again.

Hello March, this is me.  Remember who you are?  You are March - the month when it should start getting warm.  Spring is your friend?  Do you remember spring?

I think you need to unite with your good friend spring and have a party.  Make it a nice, sunny, and warm party please!

While we're cooped up inside doing school, I get this itch to take pictures.  They have to be outside pictures too.  Even though I know it's freezing, I just have to get out there with my camera.  So, I forced my sisters outside, and we had some fun.  Well, I had fun.  They weren't that happy about it. 

So, while we're waiting to spin barefoot, we're spinning in our coats and boots.  Who says we can't? 

While we're waiting to wear skirts in public, we wear them where no one can see us!  Sisters are good.  Sisters are even better when they let you take pictures of them.


  1. i love these pictures! I just found your blog off my friend, Sydney's. you follow her, cute blog!!


  2. I just saw your post! I love the pictures!

  3. LOL - my blog is called Spinning Barefoot! :)