March 23, 2011

so hard

It's been said that practice makes perfect.  Why, yes, yes it does.  Especially when I take self-portraits.  I have failed many a time.  I continue to fail.  It makes me angry, and sad, and jealous of my sisters - who have many, many self-portraits that are decent.  Why can't I do this?  Let me show you a few of my embarrassing failed attempts...  

Um...Olivia, you're supposed to look at the camera.  Keep your eyes open!

Half of my face is in focus.  That doesn't look very good!

I got better though.  The lighting was good.  They look OK.

I'm not sure what I was doing with my mouth, but, you know, it looks pretty good.  So, that was my exerience.  Maybe I could be smart and buy a remote.  Hmmm....I might do that!  For now, though, I can take pictures of myself the "old-fashioned" way.  What do you think?  What could I work on?  Had any experiences like this?


  1. I agree! Self portraits are the hardest things for me.
    I've had lots of experiences like that--the ones I've dared to post are [here].
    I recently found the old tripod in the basement and that combined with the timer settings might end up with better results. =P

  2. oh my word, you are gorgeous! :) so pretty!