April 28, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday


- This.  This my dear friends, is the lovely shoe I have been wearing for the last week.  I broke and dislocated my toe.  How?  It's going to amaze you....  It was dramatic...  I kicked a table.  I know right?  Totally awesome!  No?!  Nope.  It's a pretty lame story...  A little girl asked me yesterday at church if it was mismatched shoe night.  Um...no.  No...it's not.

- Having two and a half weeks of History homework to do.  Not good.

- My mom's garden.  Seriously, there is a stream running through it.

- Typing words wrong and then sending an email.  I hate when I do that. 

- Feeling like school will never end even though there are only a few weeks left.  (Not sure if that's awkward.  I'm pretty sure that's called normal.)

- My dogs.  We shaved them for the summer and they look ridiculous.  Never underestimate the skill of a professional groomer.  I will not post pictures.  You might not read my blog ever again if you see them!  (Unless you really want to see it...)


- This picture:

The fact that I was able to jump, not get my camera wet, and take the picture is pretty epic for me.  :)

- That I am learning a ton about shooting manually right now.

- I'm signed up for a photography class this summer!  I'm so excited!

- That I almost have 100 followers!  (p.s. Just thought you'd like to know there is going to be a giveaway with some awesome stuff!  If you would like to sponser, please email me.)

- This blog post.  I really like doing this awesome & awkward thing.  I might do it again!  :)


  1. This is awesome! Love the pictures, you do a fantastic job! :)

  2. Love the post---and the boots picture is amazing. Really!

  3. haha love the first one! that made me laugh, i'm sorry but how in the world do you do that by kicking a table? you got some strength girl. love the jumping in the puddle picture! I'm always scared i'm going to get my camera wet so i've never thrown rocks into a river, or jumped into a puddle or anything like that. ;)

  4. Great a&a's. Loved reading them.