April 24, 2011

learning from an egg

For two little boys, it is hard to remember what Easter really is about.  Admist the candy and toys and traditions, they forget.  We all forget.  We love to have the traditions, but sometimes, those traditions suck us in.  We think that if we don't do that tradition, the holiday won't be complete.  Sometimes, those traditions can even be bad because they are so distracting. 

But for those two little boys, dying eggs teaches them.  They learn what Jesus really did in a way they can understand.  Let's face it.  They are not going to learn very much from the Sunday sermon on Easter morning.  It's just not going to hapen.

But they can learn from an egg.

They can touch it and hold it.  They understand what they can see.  They know that an egg symbolizes new life.  They might not be able to learn that from anything else right now.

For two little boys, and for five others, they remembered, again, what Jesus did.  They remembered that they are small and they are sinners.

They learned that God gave them new life.  Even though they are all different, they are saved by His mercy and grace.  So are you.

Happy Easter!


  1. Beautiful pictures and great message. Have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Those eggs look awesome. Happy Easter!

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