April 21, 2011

savannah: part 1

I really believe that Savannah, Georgia is one of my favorite places.  Whenever we go to South Carolina for vacation, we always go to Savannah one day out of the week.  It's a beautiful place.  This year, unfortunately, only some of the family was able to go, but it was still fun!  Of course I had to take pictures of it!  :)  So, for those of you who have never been to Savannah, here's a little tour!

This is the bridge that takes you to Savannah.  It's huge.  And the view from it is amazing!

Because this city is so old, there are a lot of squares that are dedicated to historical figures.  These squares are almost like gardens - there are flowers and trees and fountains.  Of course, there are the signs that tell all the tourists all they want to know about such and such who lived so many years ago.  My brother and I had fun (I guess you can call it fun) telling my dad all about these people.  We just learned about most of them.  You could even call it bragging.  Yah, we're homeschooled like that.  We take pride in telling people what we know.  I'm just kidding.   You gotta love homeschool jokes.  :)

On almost every park bench, there are people playing music or selling sweetgrass that they have woven.  My dad bought this flower.  

The churches are amazing there!!  It would be so neat to go to an Easter service in one of them.  It's so neat to think that 200 years ago, people were worshipping God in these same buildings...

(This picture is a little overexposed, but I love it!)  Savannah is such a beautiful place.  If you ever get the chance, you should go!!  That was Part 1.  I took so many pictures, that I decided to put them into two different posts.  Come back tomorrow for Part 2! 


  1. What BEAUTIFUL photos!!
    And yes, I love homeschool jokes ;) I'm homeschooled, too :))
    -Jocee <3

  2. Great photos!!! I love home schooled jokes!!! Only because I am homeschooled :)

    In Christ

  3. I love the pictures, Oliva! Can't wait for part 2. :)

  4. Awesome pictures!! It seems like a beautiful place, I haven't been there yet :) I specially LOVE the 5th photo! :) Happy Easter!

  5. I love Savannah too. Just a magical place. Great palm flower!

  6. Great pictures! I looove the south. Specifically North and South Carolina but I would love to go to Georgia too!