January 01, 2011

My Favorite Photos From 2010

Today is January 1, 2011!  I bought my Nikon on August 21, 2010.  It has only been in my possession for about six months.  Nevertheless, I have taken many pictures!  If you count them all up, it would probably amount to anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000.  I have my favorites, but I love all the pictures I have taken - especially the Ethiopia ones.  Here are twelve of my favorite photographs from 2010.

My boots.

This is one of the first pictures I took.  I will always and forever love this!

I love this picture.  It is on my computer in several places!

My cute little sister on her ninth birthday.

My other cute little sister.

Nahum 1:7
The LORD is good,
a refuge in times of trouble.
He cares for those who trust in him

One of the first photos of the winter.

This reminds me of summer.

My favorite from Ethiopia.

My all-time favorite from this winter.
I can see that I have improved from when I first got my camera, but I want to improve even more.  In 2011, I want to improve my photography greatly.  I want to take classes, learn more about my camera, and practice practice practice.  2011 is the year I will improve and expand in my photography.


  1. You've taken so many incredible pictures in 2010 - I'm looking forward to seeing you grow in 2011.

  2. My favorite would be the American flag. Great picks, Olivia!

  3. Only a photographers eye could catch those moments . Great pixes Olivia. all these pixes speaks about life and its beauty.

  4. By the way, Georgia is very cute :)

  5. I know! She was pretty little then, but still cute!