January 31, 2011

Just a Monday.

1.  An ice storm is coming.  I personally, love the idea of no electricity, no heat, and, possibly no school.  Things like this never happen where I live, so, while I can imagine it happening, it never does.  This time, though, I think it just might!

2.  I have so many blogging ideas!  I love it when this happens!  Unfortunately, I forget them an hour later.  I haven't taken a single picture this week except for my brother at a basketball tournament.  Thus, I have no pictures to share with you.

3.  Exposure. I just learned how to play with exposure, and I am having so much fun!  I read a book called Photography for the Web, and it helped me so much!

4.  Knitting.  I am knitting a cowl right now.  I forgot how much fun and how peaceful it is to knit!  I will possibly do an outfit post with it when it is finished.

5.  Sealed for Redemption.  This is my other blog that is mainly for girls.  There are only ten followers right now, but I try to post as much as I can.  Go check it out here.  If you would like to guestwrite, please email me!

6.  Blog headers.  I love designing them!  They are that good, but I'm working on it!  Expect to see them change a few times a month.  :)

7.  Adoption.  Our adoption from Ethiopia is progressing smoothly.  It is such a wonderful journey to be on at the moment.  If you want to learn more, you can see my mom's blog.

Have a great Monday!

p.s.  There is still one open spot for Pay it Forward!!!  Please enter! 


  1. You're lucky your brother lets you take pictures of him at basketball... I try to do the same with my eight year old sister, but she never lets me. I guess she's embarrassed of her big sis toting around a huge camera and taking pictures! ;) By the way, I LOVE your blog header!

  2. I love knitting too. I would love to see an outfit post with the cowl you are knitting.


  3. I love your blog! It's great and so is your photography! I follow you! Feel free to follow me as well!