January 19, 2011

Tips to Spend Less Time on the Computer, and More Time in the Real World

Lately, I've been struggling with trying to spend less time on the computer.  It is hard to do with school, blogging, Flickr, and reading your blogs!  I have realized that I spend way too much time on this little electronic box.  Thus, I have been coming up with tips to help myself control the time I do spend on the computer.  I thought you might like to have them too.

1.  Schedule it.
I am going to try this next week.  I am going to put a little post-it note on the front of my computer with different times I can be on the computer.  Then, when I'm finished, I'll check off that time.  If I come back to the computer and all the times are crossed off then I will not be allowed to get back on.

2. Tell someone about it.
Talk to someone.  Ask them to help you manage your time better.

3. Close it up!
Plain and simple.  You know when enough is enough.  Resist the temptation and just close it!  (Or shut it down.)

4. Make it harder.
For me, almost every time I'm done checking my email or doing a blog post, I shut my laptop down.  That way, if I want to get back on, it takes me longer, and I don't want to do it as much.

5. Schedule it {#2}
If you are a blogger, schedule your posts, or just have a certain time when you post.  Limit yourself.  Say that you can only check your email three (or whatever number) times a day.  Try to stick to it. 

6. Reevaluate
Recently, I went through all the blogs I follow, and I deleted the ones I don't read or don't enjoy.  Take time to go over websites you are constantly looking at, blogs you follow but don't read, anything that really, is not keeping you focused on God or encouraging your walk with Him. Stop following, or stop reading.  Take the temptation away.  Plus, if you have fewer things to "check up on" every time you get on the computer, the less time you will spend.

7. Set a timer
In my family, we always do this.  When the kids want to play a game, they get 20 minutes, and then they have to get off.  Try it for yourself.  Set a timer, and when it goes off, get away from the computer.  You might have to do this a few times during the day, but it helps.  Think about it like this: Whatever you don't get done in the first 20 minutes, you can do on your next 20 minute period.

So there you have it!  Seven tips to spend less time on the computer and more time in the real world!  Do you have any tips?  Feel free to comment and let me know!


  1. great tips! I try to limit my blogging and e-mail time to 30 min. a day, and writing and magazine working to 1 hour. That's a lot less the I usually did, I cut back on my posts, how many times I checked my e-mail a day, and stopped designing for people, which cut my time a lot! I also decided to start spending more time on writing and magazine working, because those are really important.


  2. good tips :)


  3. These are wonderful tips! In fact, I think I just may try them myself! I spend soooo much time on the computer, and then afterwards, I'm like "whoa, I've been sitting here THAT long??". Whether I get on Blogger or Facebook, or wherever, I always end up on little rabbit trails that suck up my time!
    So I think I'm definitely going to try out your tips! The turning your computer off is definitely a good one! ;)

    ~Lauren :)